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Customized Micro-credentials

The Bes Group can develop Customized MCs (C-MCs) based on the current educational initiatives of a school district.

Micro-credentials are an emerging trend that allows teachers to personalize their professional development.  Teachers who complete C-MCs will increase their ability to deliver quality instruction leading to greater student achievement. (Micro-credentials are the equivalent of Scouting Merritt Badges)


Customized Micro-credentials (C-MC) are an approach to Personalized Profession Development (PPD) whereby teachers Capture, Communicate and Demonstrate knowledge.

The BES Group will develop C-MCs to support and reinforce the professional development efforts of a District.  Teachers identify the C-MC skill they want to earn based on their needs and interests.  Then teachers develop the materials (written and video) required by the Submission Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria associated with each C-MC skill.  

A trained expert compares the submitted materials against a rubric whose rating scale is 1-4 (1=attempting, 2=foundational,3=proficient,4=exemplary).  A C-MC Badge may be awarded if the evaluator deems the material submitted achieves at least a proficient rating. 

Professional development is an eighteen billion dollar industry in the U.S.  Thirty percent of America‚Äôs teachers are satisfied with the PD offered.  Twelve billion dollars is spent on programs that have little or no effect on improving the quality of instruction.

Contact the BES Group and let us demonstrate how our service will improve your PD efforts in a cost effective manner.

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