Bridge-it Evaluation Services
Teacher Candidate Services

 What We Do

The BES Group will provide you with a self-branding
Marketing Video for your use in applying for a teaching position. When used as a link in your letter of application, this Marketing Video will enable a principal to watch you teach and read an evaluation of your performance.



 What You Get

Using a secured video channel, a BES Group member, who is a retired superintendent or principal, will evaluate your 20-30 minute lesson using Kim Marshall's Rubric.
This Approach:

  • Will separate you from other candidates!
  • Rate you and your lesson on an APPR scale!

 How Do You Receive Your Evaluation?

  1. Record a 20-30 minute lesson (click here for directions) with any device and send video and a lesson plan to
  2. Purchase our Teacher Evaluation using PayPal for $150.00/evaluation
  3. Once payment is received, BES will upload your video to our SECURED Dartfish video channel.
  4. When the evaluation is complete, you will receive a "link" to be used in a Letter of Application. Click here for an example.