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Classroom Management Seminar

This Classroom Management seminar is based on Rudolf Driekurs’ and Jere Brophy’s research on human behavior and classroom management strategies. 
In order for a teacher to be successful in managing a classroom the teacher must first understand what causes a student to act in the manner they do and second to know what steps to take in order to change misbehavior.
Driekurs’ research gives the teacher an understanding of why students misbehave and allows them to develop strategies that will change student behavior.
Brophy’s research provides the teacher with classroom management strategies that include how to:

  1. Set up the classroom environment
  2. Planning and organization
  3. Understanding Curriculum
  4. Strategies for changing student behavior

The seminar includes all the researched based information along with specific skills to be used in the classroom to improve student behavior and performance.



Classroom Managment

Clinical Supervision vs Evaluation

All districts provide administrators with a variety of rubrics to measure teacher performance.  These tools are very helpful to establish a benchmark to measure the effectiveness of the classroom teacher.
The problem that occurs for most districts is that the administrator can identify that the teacher is not meeting the standard but lacks the skills to assist the teacher to improvement.
Clinical Supervision is a model that provides the administrator with the skills to assist the teacher to improvement.
The model includes:Reviewing with the teacher all aspects of the lesson by allowing the teacher to summarize the lesson

  1. Identifying a skill that the teacher used that was most effective
  2. Identifying the most needed skill for improvement
  3. Providing the teacher with a clear definition of the skill being targeted
  4. Providing the teacher with specific examples of using the skill effectively
  5. Having the teacher generate examples during the conference
  6. Scheduling a follow up observation that will focus on that specific skill

This process has proven to be most effective in not only improving teacher performance but also assisting administrators to become instructional leaders.



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