Bridge-it Evaluation Services
APPR Services

 What we do

The BES Group provides school districts with the resources necessary to conduct teacher evaluations under the requirements of the Annual Professional Performance Review process.

Our associates are NYS certified administrators who are trained to use the rubric adopted by your school district.

BES can eliminate "high stakes" evaluation by using our video platforms. Click Here for Demo

 BES Group

 Levels of Service

  • Level 1- BES provides training and management that will enable your principal (s) to conduct an evaluation in a safe, secure, convenient, and confidential manner.
  • Level 2 - BES Associate will evaluate the video lesson using our software or the video platform provided for in the rubric used by your school district. Section 4.8 of the APPR plan must state: BOTH (Both provides for video and in-person evaluations)
  • Level 3- Teacher Improvement Plan (TIP) - BES Associate using Dartfish software or the video platform used by your school district along with video conferencing to "coach" staff who are in need of improvement.