Bridge-it Evaluation Services
Frequently asked questions
  1. Can a School District or BOCES employ an outside evaluator?
    Yes, the "AMENDMENT TO THE RULES OF THE BOARD OF REGENTS AND THE REGULATIONS OF THE COMMISSIONER OF EDUCATION" states "...may also be based on one or more observations by independent trained evaluators ...".
  2. Does the employment of outside evaluators need to be negotiated?
    Yes, each school district must negotiate with the union language that allows outside evaluators to conduct observations.
  3. What rubrics are the BES Group able to use in conducting classroom observations?
    BES Group team members are trained in the use of the rubric adopted by your school district.
  4. Budget Appropriation for Principal Inservice vs Budget Appropriation for BES?
    BES recommends that school districts take a balanced approach based on district needs. Districts should only BUDGET and CONTRACT for the minimal numbers or observations needed to assist principals in the evaluation process
  5. How will BES become informed about the Professional Growth Plans for Teachers? Will this require additional time from prinipals?
    BES will review the teachers Professional Growth Plan provided by the school district.
  6. How will the day-to-day observational information of the principal align with BES services?
    The classroom video observation data provided to the principal will be used to compile the Composite Effectiveness Score.
  7. How will BES convince teachers/principals to "give up" control in such a high stakes situation?
    The district must negotiate the use of outside evaluators. Section 4.8 of the APPR plan must state BOTH. WHEN the union and district agree to use an outside observer, control over the evaluation is transferred to BES. BES staff are neutral, non-biased observers trained to apply the districts rubric and give honest data to both the teacher and district.
  8. How will BES "sell/guarantee" that its services will meet district needs?
    BES staff are experienced evaluators trained to use the school districts adopted rubric. Our objective is to report meaningful data to help the principal complete the evaluation process.
  9. What is BES's role in the development of Teacher Improvement Plans (TIP)?
    BES will provide a written observation report to the teacher and principal. The principal is responsible to use the data in the development of an improvement plan.